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L.P.G or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is the general name for propane (C3 H8) and butane gases (C4 H10), either stored together at varying percentages or separately. Butane usually comes in blue cylinders, while propane comes in red cylinders if stored separately.

As a fuel, L.P.G has several advantages over other fuels, including:

  • Weight and portability - Though heavier than air, L.P.G is approximately just half the weight of water, thus making it easier to be stored in pressure cylinders and tanks and hence, could easily be transported over long distances.
  • Cleaner - L.P.G burns cleanly and virtually without any soot as it mixes completely with air, which creates a perfect combustion with low carbon and sulphur emissions.
  • Odourless - Compared to other fuels, L.P.G is an odourless fuel. However, some suppliers usually add odorants in order for leakages to be easily perceived and detected.
  • Non toxic - L.P.G is non toxic. Prolonged and sudden exposure to it in reasonable quantity could however, cause cold burns and suffocation.
  • Cheaper - Compared to other fuels and even electricity, L.P.G is more cost effective.
  • Complexity and maintenance - L.P.G installations are less complicated, easy to maintain and even requires less maintenance.

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